15 Urban Legends That Are Actually True

Everybody had that one friend who was full of stories beginning with the phrase “I heard that someone once…” that inevitably struck fear into your heart. If you can’t remember them properly, those stories were called urban legends and they never seemed to end well for the main character in the legend. As a kid, these stories freaked you out. Quite frankly, you had every right to be frightened by them.

As a reasonable, rational and educated adult, however? No, these stories still freak you the f*ck out. You try your very best to not let your mind drift over to those horrific memories, but you know your mind occasionally drifts over to that section of your brain. You’re only human.

When you do happen to remember one of the many horrific urban legends your friend told you way back when, you get some relief knowing that these stories are wildly untrue.

But, what if they’re not all untrue? What if someone actually was eaten by an escalator?

I have some bad news for your crippling insomnia.

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