Mary-Kate Olsen Got Married Friday Night

Well, looks like Michelle Tanner is off the market for good.
According to Page Six, child actor/fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen has officially married Olivier Sarkozy, a French banker, on Friday night.
The Full House star, 29, has been dating Sarkozy, 46, for three years, and the two became engaged in 2014.
The Post reported that the wedding took place in New York City, in the privacy of their own home (49th Street, between Second and Third avenues), which included a backyard garden and dinner inside.
Approximately 50 guests were in attendance, many of whom, according to a Page Six source, were quite the smokers.
The ceremony was filled with “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night,” the source said.
If you’re hoping to catch some leaked photos of the event, however, you might be out of luck. Another source revealed that all guests were required to turn off their phones before entering the wedding ceremony.
Though this is Olsen’s first marriage, her new hubby has been married before and has two children.

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