These Hilarious Candles From Basic Wick Girls Are The Gift Everyone Needs This Year

basic wick girl candles


Have no luck at the mall this Black Friday? Can’t seem to find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa exchange? Trying to find a cheap present for your roomie while subtly hinting she needs to do her laundry more often? Fear not – Basic Wick Girls are here to help.

BasicWickGirls‘ clever names extend to their collection of candles, which are available for only $10 each on Etsy

Maybe you’re feeling “#Thankful.” It actually smells like apple cider, but it’s more fun when you associate your candle smell with an Instagram pic collage, don’t ya think?

Or perhaps you’re having a “Cheat Day.” It smells like a girls’ night…which remarkably resembles cupcake frosting.

Sure, they pretty much just came up with a clever label for a regular candle, but for the person who has everything else, it’s perf.

So there ya go – your holiday shopping is practically done. All your have to do is assign each of your friends a clever candle that matches her personality best. You’re welcome.

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