Stupid People Paid $5 For Nothing On Black Friday

Let’s be honest, few things are more annoying than Black Friday. Maybe people chewing loudly. A toothache. Traffic. Yet only in America would we have a ridiculous “holiday,” just so people can save a few bucks.

Which is why I applaud anyone taking advantage of these lunatics. Case in point, Cards Against Humanity. For a company who’s tag line for their card game is “A party game for horrible people,” I appreciate their sense of humor.

On Friday, the company offered their customers the “ultimate Black Friday experience” – the ability to buy nothing from them for $5. They took their entire store offline and put up a simple payment form where people could give $5…or more. Like one fellow who gave a generous $100 to the company literally for no reason.

Cards Against Humanity is known for their generous charitable donations, so people were wondering what they’d do with the money- a total of $71,145. The answer? Keep it all to themselves. And here’s what they bought.


I wonder how many people will be offended by this today. After all, it’s still early. Give it one more hour, and the Internet will be losing their damn minds over the company’s audacity. It’s amazing what some good marketing can do, isn’t it?

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