WATCH: Cheating Girlfriend Thinks She's Getting A Proposal But Actually Gets Brutally Dumped

YouTube user beanyneilpudsey promises “the best dumping video of a cheating girl you will ever see” in the title of his recent upload, and he delivers.
When this guy found out his girlfriend was having an affair, he didn’t break up with her via text or throw all her belongings out the window. In fact, he put a lot of thought and effort into this split, all set perfectly to the tune of “It Must’ve Been Love But It’s Over Now.” (Like I said, lots of thought.)
Setting the scene that would make any girl think “OMG proposal time” – think candles, rose petals, the works – the man set up a series of letters for his girlfriend to read and promises her a trip to see the Northern Lights before finishing up the last letters…
…The contents of which were probably not what she was expecting.
It’s lengthy but totally worth the watch.
Although I was anxiously awaiting the part where she tries to explain herself, him leaving before the sh*t hit the fan was a pretty epic mic drop moment.

Since being posted on November 27, the video has already been viewed over 5 million times.
People, when will we learn? Cheaters will always get caught and will be publicly embarrassed.
Don’t. Do. It.

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