Stanford Nerds Come Up With Formula For When To Start Your Pregame So You're Not A Drunk Mess

college party pregame


IMO, the pregame is the best part of going out. Instead of paying $6 for a beer you spill all over the dance floor thanks to kind strangers pushing you around, you get hammered to good music and only your core crew around.
In complete honesty, though, I probably enjoy the pregame so much because it’s before I blackout and have to leave the bar early. Oops.
Luckily, three Stanford students, Spencer Savitz, Vienna Harvey, and Niko Alino, came up with a formula that lets us know exactly when we should start drinking so we’re adequately liquored up without being a hot mess.
Who said your school work wouldn’t translate to the real world?
The project was something the students came up with for their Interactive Management Science course, but the benefits will last us all a lifetime. Check out a description of their project via YouTube below.
Translation: Users will input how many drinks they can down and the formula will put out what time to start chugging, assuming a partier downs one drink every 10 minutes.
While we don’t actually see the algorithm, I’ll start doing some experimenting myself and report back (in the name of science, of course).

[Story via COED]

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