There's No Place Like The Bar: The Wiz Live! Drinking Game

The Wiz Live Drinking Game
Ready to take a trip down the yellow brick road?
For the third year, NBC is airing a live musical during primetime to the joy of theater lovers like myself and to the dismay of guys just trying to watch Thursday night football (sorry not sorry). We won’t get to see a drugged up Christopher Walken like in last year’s Peter Pan, but maybe this year’s installment of The Wiz Live! will be the one where there’s a NSFW wardrobe malfunction that lead to some grown up discussions for families watching.

Shanice Williams takes on the main role of Dorothy Gale, but she absolutely could not be more of a snooze-fest than Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound Of Music Live! two years ago. Aside from this newcomer, you’ll definitely recognize the rest of the star-studded cast, from Queen Latifah and Uzo Aduba to Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige.
Judging from the cast’s lip-synced performance on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, at least the choreography looks easy to learn?
Obviously, the best way to enjoy a live musical on a school night is by getting strategically wasted during it. Behold, our The Wiz Live! drinking game.

Take A Sip When:

– You detect some weird sexual tension between Dorothy and Scarecrow.
– Someone says “home.” (Bottoms up!)
– An ensemble member isn’t really paying attention.
– Technical difficulties.
– They cut to a scene change during the commercial break.
– You kind of miss Allison Williams with a pixie cut.
– Someone you follow on Twitter suggests what musical NBC should do next year.

Take Two Sips When:

– Someone makes a comparison to The Wizard of Oz.
– Toto isn’t cooperating.
– Uzo Aduba reminds you why she won an Emmy this year.
– The show pays homage to 1978 movie cast members Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, or Richard Pryor.
– A Cirque Du Soleil performer looks like they’re going to break something (like a bone).

Take A Shot When:

– Someone obviously flubs a line.
– A character looks directly into the camera or breaks the fourth wall.
– A Twitter hashtag or account emerges due to events on the show.

Finish The Bottle If:

– There’s a NSFW wardrobe malfunction.
If you play correctly, if might be a little bit difficult to “Ease on Down the Road” home…
the wiz live drinking game nbc

Meet the full cast of NBC’s The Wiz Live!

the wiz live drinking game nbc


Don’t worry – if it totally blows, we can all look forward to Grease Live on Fox this January.

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