18 Practical Gifts You Should Actually Ask For This Christmas

Forget lotions and socks; you’re now a twenty-something who’s poor as sh*t and has reached the point where practical gifts are not only wanted, but necessary. You’ve traded in your Easy-Bake Oven for a real oven, though barely know how to use it. Does anyone know what a broiler even is? It’s time to stop asking for clothes, (guaranteed you don’t wear 3/4 of your wardrobe anyway) and instead have your loved ones spend money on things you’ll actually use. Here’s your 2015 holiday gift guide that will make adulting a whole lot easier:

1. Crock Pot

Every lazy girl’s dream! Put a bunch of things in a pot, and it’s ready to eat by the time you get home? Sign me up.

2. Netflix Membership

So you can stop mooching off your ex-boyfriend’s account and forget his sorry ass for good.

3. Blanket/Throw

For when you can’t afford to pay your heating bill and your apartment might as well be the arctic.

4. Journal

Your 20’s are an uncertain time, so write out your thoughts on a cute journal like the one below.

Image via cafepress.com

Image via cafepress.com

5. Candles

They smell good, look nice, and are known to de-stress.

6. Wine Glasses

Because drinking wine out of solo cups is fine when you’re 21, not 24.

7. Or just wine.

Need I say more?
amy schumer wine

8. Monthly subscription box

It’s a great way to try new brands and products without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving…for like, six months.

9. Smartphone Accessories

You know you’re addicted to your phone (sadly), so why not ask for something that you’ll use everyday?

Image via avalahcase.com/

Image via avalahcase.com

10. Umbrella/Rainboots

Whether you’re commuting or walking to class, you’ll want to stay dry.

11. Herb Garden Kit

Perfect for an apartment or dorm. Not only does it give your place a little life, but it’ll amp up your favorite recipes too.

12. Gym Membership/Equipment

You’re too cheap to buy one yourself (because ahem, rent is a priority), so why not have someone else attempt to motivate you?

13. A Non-Crappy Bag

Because let’s face it, the one you have now is falling apart. Not a good interview look.

14. Subscription to Spotify Premium

Can you think of anything more luxurious than no longer listening to that damn PetSmart commercial 100 times?

15. A Nice Set of Headphones

Those cheap-o earbuds that you got with your iPhone just aren’t enough to drown out the nagging from your boss.

16. Coffee Maker

So you can stop giving half of your paycheck to the barista down the street.

17. Mattress Pad

This may seem lame, but trust me, it’s life-changing.

18. Gift Cards

Starbucks, gas, iTunes, Victoria’s Secret. It may seem impersonal, but honestly who doesn’t love free money to their fav places?
Then again, an unlimited supply of pizza and elimination of student loan debt would be good, but I suppose that would be too much to ask for.

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