Dear Victoria's Secret, Where Are The Models Who Aren't A Size 2?

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Dear Victoria’s Secret,
I’m pretty excited for tomorrow’s annual fashion show to air. I’m still a few years away from the front row at New York Fashion week (and watching the VS runway from my couch with a bag of potato chips is about as close as I’m going to get to a fashion show for now), plus the performances by Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, and Ellie Goulding are sure to be amazing.
I can’t wait to see Maria Borges strut down the runway with her natural hair and watch new models make their VS debut, but there’s just one thing I won’t see – a girl who isn’t much bigger than a size 2 on the runway. Not one model walking the runway this year isn’t stick thin.

Now, I’m not saying these ladies are in any way not gorgeous or undeserving of their spot on the runway. I am saying that it’s about time Victoria’s Secret showed some diversity when it comes to body shapes and sizes.
A quick Google search of the models’ measurements reveals eye-opening stats; the average Angel’s height is 5’10” while her weight hovers somewhere around 120 pounds (and often under). That’s a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 17.2, and the BMI calculator categorizes anything under 18.5 to be “underweight.”
Right now, Victoria’s Secret stores only offer up to size XL (equivalent to a 16) panties and DDD bras, making it impossible for many women to shop there. (Honestly, they’re just shooting themselves in the foot by limiting their sizes – everyone wants to feel sexy!)
“Plus-sized” model Denise Bidot thinks it’s time for a curvier Angel too.
“I think Tyra Banks was a size 6 at the time and she walked that runway with every power in her being and used to make every woman feel beautiful,” she said. “Those old ’90s models when women were just themselves and they were real and they were embraced that way—I think we should get back to that.”
Amen, Denise!
I want to see a woman on the runway who looks like a friend I can go on a run with then call up to meet me for beer and pizza later. I don’t want to hear the 7-year-old girls I babysit to say they’re “on a diet.”
It’s time for plus.
Don’t worry, VS. I know your casting directors are super busy, so I’ve taken the time to find some lovely ladies who Americans would love to see on the runway next year. You’re welcome!

If you think it’s about time a “bigger” model walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway, join us on social media with the hashtag #VSTimeForPlus.

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