You Can Now Hire A 'Social Media Breakup Coordinator' To Help You Move On Post Split

Breakups are hard enough, but in the 21st century, they’re arguably even harder. When you post your daily goings-on for all the world to see, it’s difficult when the person you shared those memories with is no longer in your life. Technology has changed not only the way we date but also the way we break up. Luckily, there’s someone who can help you declutter your social media when the romance goes south. Caroline Sinders is offering up her services as a “Social Media Break Up Coordinator” for just $10 a day. Sinders is a researcher, photographer, and digital anthropologist most likely sent from God (or whatever you believe in) to help you navigate the crap that comes with the ending of a relationship. She said she’s paid close attention to relationships on social media and wants to fix the problems she sees, whether people are dealing with past relationships or even someone harassing them on Twitter.

Yet before she can take over your life, Sinders gives you a 21-question quiz to find out what you’re trying to get out of your online presence and what type of social media you use.

She says that while she does want to help people, it’s primarily an art project designed to satirize how easily “you can outsource any handling of your life to someone else.” That being said, people could definitely benefit from it. Trust me, there are plenty of boys from college I’d love to never see pop up on my newsfeed again. Amirite, ladies?

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