This Sorority Girl Had The Best Date At Formal: A Jimmy Fallon Life-Size Cut Out

Ask any single sorority girl – finding a formal date is hard. I mean, there’s a reason I brought girls to three out of my five date parties in college (this is NOT an exaggeration). Sorry that I’d rather have fun with my friends than pay $50 or more to babysit my latest booty call.
A Phi Sigma Sigma named Niki Russo at Montclair State University seems to have found herself in a similar situation, but instead of being upset by her lack of suitors, she decided to bring the one and only party boy Jimmy Fallon to her sorority’s Great Gatsby themed formal. Kind of. It was more like a life-size cardboard cut out of The Tonight Show host.
Regardless, Niki and Jimmy had the best time of anyone there. I’m 90% sure Cardboard Jimmy didn’t puke on the way home, costing the entire sorority their bus deposit (true story), or steal another sister’s phone and throw it in the woods only to be found the next day using Find My iPhone (also a true story).
Just check his new Instagram account for proof.

This not-so-subtle ploy to get on The Tonight Show better work. I’m rooting for you, Niki!

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