Taylor Swift Wants Trademark Her Birth Year

And that’s not the only thing. If you’re thinking about getting that special Taylor Swift fan in your life an off-brand “1989” sweater this Christmas, you best think again.
On December 3, Taylor Swift filed trademark applications for the phrases, “Swiftmas,” “Blank Space,” “And I’ll Write Your Name,” “A Girl Named Girl” and, of course, “1989.” The star has already trademarked the phrase “This Sick Beat.”
“And I’ll Write Your Name” and “Blank Space” are references to her song, “Blank Space.” The phrase, “A Girl Named Girl” is the name of a novel Swift published when she was 15.
It makes me wildly uncomfortable that Swift finds it necessary that she needs to protect the phrase, “Swiftmas.” That’s the dumbest holiday phrase I’ve genuinely ever heard. As for the name of her published book, 15-years-old or not, that was the best title you could come up with, T-Swizzle?
The company, Tantalizing Trademarks, originally spotted the 20 applications Swift’s IP management and holding company, TAS Rights Management, LLC, filed. TAS Rights and Management filed five applications for each respective phrase for different kinds of goods such as clothes, online retail, printed material, websites and concerts.
While the star is attempting to trademark her birth year, it doesn’t mean that all uses of the year will be restricted. The trademark will only restrict the use of “1989” when it is related to her album title.
I guess if you’re Taylor Swift, you have a lot of time to trademark stupid things. Happy Holidays!

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