This Is Probably The Worst College Ever

You may not love everything about the college you go to, but chances are you would pick it over this school any day. You know, that is, if you are human and have a heart.

Local 8 News recently reported that Carson-Newman University located in Tennessee, was given the right to discriminate against applications to the school based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Sexual identity
  2. Marriage status
  3. Whether they’ve had an abortion

I’m sorry… what year are we in?!

In May, the university’s president, Dr. Randall O’Brien, asked for permission to be exempt from Title IX.

He told Local 8: “This is who we are, our religious principles, and in a changing world we want to reaffirm who we are and intend to be”  and that this would “further make us a Christian school.” He also added that he doesn’t “know why something would be necessary but since he’s counsel I felt we’d follow the template.”

Seems like a solid argument you got there.
O’Brien wrote a letter to the Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights in which he explained that there are certain “student characteristics” he thinks the school should offer, and that should be taken into consideration while reviewing an application.

In the letter, O’Brien said students:

Engag[e] in recruiting and admissions under a policy which called for the consideration of an applicant for admission’s sexual orientation, gender identity (including but not limited to transgendered status), marital status, past and present practices regarding marriage, sex outside marriage, pregnancy, and abortion … and prohibited the institution from treating that person differently as a result of that consideration.

This Tennessee University isn’t alone, though. The Column reported that the Department of Education has received 36 total requests for this exemption, and since 2014, 27 religious schools in the South and West have been granted it.
It’s understandable that a school wants to “follow” its religious principles. But not when those religious principles go against humanity and use judgemental ignorance as guidelines.

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