The Horrifying Reason You Should Be Cautious About Checking In On Instagram

Remember that time you were on vacay and casually checked into a bar you went to? Well, think twice next time before doing that again. Here’s why:
A 44-year-old man from California named Arturo Galvan was arrested last week after using GPS coordinates from geotagged photos found on Facebook and Instagram to seek out female college students, break into their apartments, and steal their underwear. Ummm ew!
In case you weren’t already creeped out by Internet trolls, now you have another reason to be. In fact, the Fullerton, California police department say they believe Galvan broke into the homes of at least six women WHILE THEY WERE STILL INSIDE and stole their bras, underwear, and some other random valuables he felt like should be his. Oh, and the weirdo also took underwear from male roommates as well. (!!)
Police say they found the undergarments and a pile of electronics at this guy’s house…You can’t make this sh*t up. (Although I wish I was).
Galvan is facing charges of burglary, receiving stolen property, and peeping and prowling. His bail is posted at $200,000.
Fullerton police are encouraging women (and men too tbh) to double check their privacy and location settings on social media, or you could find yourself getting your panties stolen- which are damn expensive.

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