You Can Now Spam Your Loser Ex With Justin Bieber Lyrics For Just $1

justin bieber lead

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Although we can all agree that Justin Bieber‘s new album is fire, you probably would hate getting his lyrics constantly sent to your phone. Now you can torture your ex or prank your friends with an assist from the Biebs using the website Bieber Bomb.

It’s super easy – for just $1, you enter your friend’s number, and an anonymous number will send them 10 text messages with Justin Bieber lyrics over a 24-hour period.

A Sneak Attack option ($2) will send the conversation back to you so you can see your target’s reaction. The Viral Attack option ($2.50) will target three people, and you can get their responses for $0.75 per person. Obviously, this is a necessary step so you can see their confusion play out.

The site also has an Adele version, Adele Attack, that will probably make your ex regret his entire life. Swift Strike is on its way to becoming a reality as well.

Thanks, Biebs!

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