This Little Girl Who Survived An Arson Attack Is Heading To Disney After Reading All Her Christmas Cards

Facebook/Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor

Facebook/Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor

Safyre Terry of Rotterdam, NY was only 6 years old when her father and three younger siblings were killed in an arson fire. As a result of the fire, 75% of Safyre’s body was burned, causing her to lose her left foot and right hand. For Christmas this year, she only asked for one thing: Christmas cards for her gold Christmas tree stand.
Liz Dolder, Safyre’s aunt, posted a Facebook message asking for cards to be sent to the local post office in hopes that Safyre will receive “a few cards.” However, in a matter of only a few days, Safyre received over 300,000 Christmas cards from all over the globe, including a gift from a little boy in Hong Kong who sent her his favorite teddy bear. However, Safyre decided to send back the teddy bear along with a friend “so he wouldn’t get lonely on the long trip.”
Dolder is overwhelmed by the amount of cards sent to Safyre. “’Wow’ is the general reaction in my family,” Dolder tells ABC News. “[We] never thought something like this was possible.”
On top of the thousands of cards she received, Safyre even found out on Tuesday she was going to Disney World. According WNYT, Safyre was nominated to go on the trip organized by Memories 4 Kids, a non-profit organization, by her friend Zach Cunniff. Cunniff’s father was a New York state trooper who was killed during a traffic stop on the thruway in 2013.
Safyre and her family plan on taking the trip in February.

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