Tom Ford's Drake Lipstick Sold Out Instantly

It’s a Drake-inspired lipstick. How can anyone be surprised?
Tom Ford’s anticipated Lips & Boys lipstick collection was bound to cause a stir in the makeup world and beyond. The collection features 50 different shades of lipsticks named after men the designer admires.
The lipstick was inspired by the “Hotline Bling” star and was “specially created with the influential rapper in mind.” Or perhaps was it his dance moves in the “Hotline Bling” video that captured the designer?
The shimmery deep plum was only available yesterday for mere minutes on Net-A-Porter before selling out instantly. However, true to their word of “more stock coming soon,” the website restocked and the lipstick is available once again.

Tom Ford Drake Lipstick

via Tom Ford.

The metallic violet lipstick sold for $35 dollars. You can now find the coveted color on eBay for as much as $118. Additionally, you can purchase all 50 shades from the collection for a cool 2,387.95 on eBay as well. eBay truly is a magical place.
In short? This is the perfect gift for that special Drake-fanatic in your life.
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