Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid Discovered A Hot Homeless Guy And Helped Him Get Into Modeling

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Believe it or not, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are willing to help the less fortunate…particularly if they’re really ridiculously good looking.
We can all thank Kendall and Gigi for discovering John Economou and his hotness. The 20 year old is currently homeless and crashing on friends’ couches after dropping out of college and moving to Venice Beach, California. Over this past summer, John was spotted on the beach by the Victoria’s Secret models and their buddy Ansel Elgort when the girls were finishing up a commercial shoot on the Venice boardwalk.
When they first approached him, Economou didn’t recognize the girls, but put things together when he spotted a body guard lurking nearby.

The VS models chatted with Economou for a bit and suggested the 6’3″ brown-eyed hottie try modeling. Kendall then connected him to her manager to help him sign with Two Management in Los Angeles.
Economou told the Daily News, “It was a one in a billion chance meeting those girls. Right off the bat they mentioned I should do modeling.”
When asked about Gigi and Kendall, Economou said the girls were definitely cool. “They don’t have that rich-girl vibe,” he said. “Gigi was bubbly and funny. She was definitely more rambunctious. Kendall was more laid back, I can see a little hippie vibe.”
Since the summer interaction, Economou hasn’t kept in touch with Jenner and Hadid, but he has been “exchanging emails with Ansel like bros.” Plus, he’s had several modeling auditions!
Check out some of his photos below…and get this guy a gig!

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