WATCH: This Has Got To Be The Most Awkward Jumbotron Moment Of All Time

kiss cam san antonio spurs


The Jumbotron: a place where kids dance and couples get mercilessly teased for an entire stadium of thousands to witness.

One young couple went to a San Antonio Spurs game recently and found their faces on the big screen for everyone to see. The person operating the text under the couple started things off with, “Are ready for kiss cam?” (We assume he meant “Are YOU ready for kiss cam?”) and things just got weird from there. The girl laughed and hid her face as more friendly jabs like “First date?” and “Well this got awkward” appear on screen.

Fair warning: the next 65 seconds of your life will be full of secondhand discomfort.

He definitely seems like he’s into her and she’s….not. So will this guy tell his kids in 15 years that he first kissed their mom on a kiss cam?

Not really.

Kristin Hinojosa hopped onto the Spurs’ video to comment, “Just to clarify he is my boyfriend and we are happily together =)” She was just camera shy!

The NBA team replied, “All in good fun! Thanks for being good sports!”

Kyle Collins, the guy in the video, even clarified that they’ve been a couple for a while.

@spurs well played. We've been together almost a year now!

— Kyle Collins (@Coach_Kyle_UTSA) December 15, 2015

About that Jumbotron man though…ruthless. Just ruthless.

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