Irish Student Finds Her Totally Unrelated Swedish Doppleganger Online

sara shannon twin strangers

Twin Strangers/YouTube

Just when we thought Olivia Sturgess, the Target cashier who looks exactly like Taylor Swift, was making us do a double take, a new pair of doppelgängers has us really confused.

Shannon and Sara are from Ireland and Sweden, but look like they could be twins.

The girls met on Twin Strangers, a website that matches people with their look alikes. Sara from Sweden reveals she uploaded a photo to the site and found an uncanny resemblance to Shannon, a user from Ireland.

“My friends actually thought the picture of Shannon was me,” said Sara.

The girls chatted online and got to meet. “I gave her a hug and then we just stood there like ‘Oh my God, this is so weird’,” said Shannon. “Our noses, our eyes… we have the exact same ears… lips, expressions, pout, smile… it’s just weird.”

Of course, Twin Strangers made the smart move to record this interaction.

While, yes, they are dressed exactly the same and have their hair and makeup done to match each other, these two beauties really could be sisters.

Well, the video did its job. I’m pretty tempted to sign up and meet my doppelganger…especially if there’s an exotic trip to meet her involved.

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