A City In Siberia Nominated A Cat To Be Mayor…And It’s Winning

If you think Deez Nutz was a ridiculous candidate to run for president, this Siberian city may have topped how far people will go with nominations.

Residents in the city of Barnaul, which is about 2,000 miles east of Moscow, are pushing for an 18-month-old cat named Barsik to become their new mayor because of corrupt politicians in the city. According to an unofficial poll run by Altai Online, a popular regional social media site run by Russian social network Vk, Barsik is currently leading the poll by 91.6% and has over 5,000 votes, much more than all six of its human rivals.



Some people have even shared their reasoning behind why they believe the cat should win. Yury Vladimirovich, one of Barsik’s supporters, posted on the siteĀ “By Barsik’s eyes I see he is concerned about the people.”

Despite the cat’s popularity, Barsik will not become mayor of the town. A new mayor will be appointed by regional governor Alexander Karlin and the city council next week. The city’s previous mayor, Igor Savinstev, resigned back in August.

Given the choice between Barsik and Donald Trump for U.S. president, Barsik would be the obvious choice.

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