Yahoo’s Struggles Didn’t Stop Them From Throwing A $7 MILLION Holiday Party

yahoo holiday party

Yahoo has been on the decline for years. It’s is like Google’s younger, less attractive sibling that tries to be popular, but no one except your aunt who still has a @yahoo email address buys it.

But like any wannabe, they threw a killer party to convince everyone they’re cool.

According to Daily Mail, Yahoo’s holiday party was an extravagant Great Gatsby-themed affair held in a San Francisco warehouse. A Rolls Royce and imported chandeliers were the decorations while acrobats poured champagne for guests.

It cost a cool $7 million. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. I can’t even wrap my mind around that number.

Check out photos from the crazy event below.

Unsurprisingly, some shareholders weren’t too pleased about the check that had to be written out for the soiree.

Hedge fund manager Eric Jackson just submitted a 99-page presentation detailing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s outlandish spending in the midst of the company’s decline. (She’s the pregnant lady sitting down and posing with employees in the first photo.)

Apparently, she’s spent $450 million on free food for employees over the past four years, $2 million giving away JawBone Up fitness bracelets to mark her one-year anniversary at the company, and $3 million for Yahoo to sponsor the Met Ball earlier this year (securing her a spot alongside Anna Wintour and Jennifer Lawrence on the elite hosting committee).

Mayer gave birth to twin girls just days after the party and is currently on a two-week maternity leave. But it seems like if this guy has anything to say about her, her break will be a bit longer.

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