Model Bar Refaeli Arrested In Israel For Evading Taxes On Millions Worth Of Income

Bar Refaeli

Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli was arrested after a home raid Wednesday for allegedly lying about where she lived to avoid reporting millions of dollars’ worth of income, Agence France-Presse reported Thursday. She’s suspected of lying about where she lived to avoid reporting millions of dollars in income.
The former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio was officially arrested in Israel after an 11-hour interrogation yesterday.
She is also suspected of accepting free accommodations that cost “over a million shekels” in the form of luxury apartments registered in her mother and brother’s names. Refaeli also never registered a Range Rover and a Lexus, which she received in exchange for allowing herself to be photographed in them.
Refaeli’s mother was also arrested on suspicion of evading taxes on “dozens of millions of shekels'” worth of income from abroad.
Undercover investigators raided the women’s home Wednesday, and a court ordered their arrest and subsequent release on bail Thursday.
Bar Refaeli’s lawyers and Tax Authority representatives appeared at the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court today for a hearing on her release under restricting conditions.
Refaeli and her mother reportedly had their passports confiscate and cannot leave Israel for the time being.

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