Kegels For Men Are A Thing, And Your Guy Should Be Doing Them

Listen up, fellas. If you suffer from anxiety or have erectile dysfunction, you should think about adding kegels to your daily routine. Sure, you’ve heard of them for women, but they can actually help men too. Dr. Ian Kerner, a sexual therapist based in New York, explained to Huffington Post that if you experience anxiety during sex, “You want to cognitively interrupt that anxiety,” he said. According to the Anxiety Centre, 46 percent of men have experienced anxiety  at some point, and that number is estimated to be even higher because men don’t tell their doctors about it. Kerner suggests that if you feel anxious, start with five kegels, “just as you were cutting off the flow of urine.” Do that five times in a row and do three reps of that, increasing it to 10 to 15 times per set. Hey, you need to work out all muscles of the body, right? Yet its benefits don’t stop with erectile dysfunction. In fact, kegels can help prevent premature ejaculation, overactive bladder and other issues. Kerner added, “Kegels are a way to increase pelvic floor strength and develop mindfulness around that area. A lot of men are disconnected to their pelvic areas. You watch a lot men dance and they’re like Frankenstein lumbering around.” Lolol, I can definitely attest to that. Guys who can dance are few and far between (sorry ’bout it), so get kegel-ing.

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