Idiots Create 'The Fire Challenge,' Naturally Someone Gets Hurt

It’s not everyday you see someone purposely lighting themselves on fire, mainly because it’s a stupid f*cking idea. The “The Fire Challenge” is a ridiculous ‘stunt’ where everyday morons pour flammable liquid all over their bodies and set themselves ablaze.
Unlike the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which raised money for ALS (although I still don’t understand how that lead to people donating money, but I digress) or the “The Condom Challenge,” which was just straight-up funny *pun intended,* there is absolutely no point in doing this. Unless, of course, you consider a few Instagram likes to be worth your third degree burns. Or your life.

Image via DailyStarUK

Image via DailyStarUK

As you might have guessed, this fad has led to countless emergency room visits. The latest “victim” (I use that term loosely because they did this to themselves), is an 11-year-old boy from Sheffield who lit himself on fire…twice.
Via The Mirror:

[The boy’s mother] said: “He said that he had lit his shirt once and managed to put it out, but when he lit the burnt area again, his shirt just went up in flames.
“He is never in trouble. He is a brilliant little boy and I thought he had the brains not to do something like this.”

The kid was left with third-degree burns, multiple skin grafts, and bragging rights- I guess.
Sigh, just when you think you’ve seen it all. Next time, just take a picture of the damn sunset if you want a couple likes.
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