Selena Gomez Confronts Justin Bieber Over Kourtney Kardashian Hookups

The fact that Justin Bieber is hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian will never cease to be strange to me. Even stranger, I can’t believe he was able to convert millions of people into Beliebers through his new record, Purpose (myself included). In short? It’s been quite the year for Justin Bieber. So much so that he’s now hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian. Like definitely.
I find it odd that a 36-year-old woman is hooking up with a 21-year-old man, but I’ll bite my tongue momentarily (reverse the genders of both Bieber and Kardashian and tell me if you’d be all right with the two hooking up).
Selena Gomez was just as surprised to learn about the Kardashian-Bieber hook-ups. In fact, she demanded answers. A source told Hollywood Life that:

“Justin and Selena have spoken since the news broke that he’s been hooking up with Kourtney. Selena asked him point blank if it was true and Justin didn’t deny it. He was kind of flattered that she asked because in his mind that means Selena still cares. But Selena doesn’t see it that way at all. She’s 100% into Niall Horan.”

Of course he’s flattered! His ex-girlfriend just asked him about his current fling! However, if you were hoping for a romantic reunion between Bieber and Gomez, this information leaves you sorely disappointed. It’s apparent that Selena doesn’t care about Bieber as much anymore, showing that she must be really into Horan.
And she is. Selena believes that Niall is “marriage material.” She, like everyone else on the planet, simply needed to know if the rumors were true. She got her answer.
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