Kim Kardashian Emoji Are A Thing – Here's How To Download Them (If You Feel The Need)

Kim Kardashian lead

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian pushed a baby into the world literally a few days ago, but she’s already back to remind you that she’s a smart, creative businesswoman. (Or can hire people who are.) Meet Kimoji, which is exactly what you think – Kim Kardashian emoji. What did you expect from a woman who announced her second child’s birth with emoji on her website?
kim k birth announcement emoji
For a taste of the icons, check out the photos Kim K uploaded to her Instagram page below.

Looks like there’s a bunch of butts (naturally), a selfie arm, a pole dancer, pregnant Kim, censored breasts, and a very suggestive peach among the fun. Won’t lie – I kind of need the “basic” icon.
The new line of emoji is currently available in the iOS app store. Click here to download.

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