This Model Lost Her Leg – And Almost Her Life – Due To Toxic Shock Syndrome

Lauren Wasser/Instagram
Your mom or friends probably warned you about Toxic Shock Syndrome when you started using tampons, but after that initial fear and trips to the bathroom every four hours on the dot, you kind of forget about the scary illness. Ask Lauren Wasser – the 24-year-old model was “10 minutes from death” due to TSS.
Wasser was going about her usual routine and using super plus tampons when she began to feel ill. Thinking she could sleep off the feeling, she laid down. She was found on her bedroom floor several days later near death.
At the hospital, she was on life support and put into a medically induced coma to survive because all of her organs were failing. Eventually, they needed to amputate her right leg.
Losing a leg didn’t stop Lauren from pursuing her dreams of becoming a model. And now, she spoke to Vice about the potential dangers of tampons.

Wasser is engaged in an ongoing lawsuit with the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the company that makes the Kotex Natural Balance tampons, and the grocery stores that supplied her with the tampons. She plans to continue fighting for transparency from these companies about the health hazards tampons pose for women.

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