LISTEN: Liam Payne's First Song Since One Direction

Generally, when a musical group goes on hiatus, they’re looking to take a break from the music world. The four remaining members of One Direction, however, seem to have another idea about what an hiatus entails.
Liam Payne, following in the footsteps of fellow One Direction member, Harry Styles, wrote a song for an Irish boy band called Hometown. The song, entitled “The Night We Met,” has been out for a whole month, but due to issues with international rights, it has just now become available worldwide.
In the first 30 seconds, you can hear the One Direction-inspiration all over the place. The chorus explodes into something anthemic and is wonderfully emotional. The whole song has some serious “Night Changes” vibes. If you were looking for something to cry to tonight, “The Night We Met” is your answer. You can listen to the song and watch the music video below.

Hometown just might become your new favorite boy band if you’ve been finding it difficult to listen to One Direction during the hiatus. The fact that the group looks like six Liam Payne clones is an added bonus, if you ask me.

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