*GASP* Did The Royal Family Photoshop Princess Charlotte In Their Christmas Card?

A few days ago, the public got to see the world’s most adorable Christmas card. (See above). Although I’m still waiting to receive mine in the mail, the Royal Family is now being blasted for *gasp* potentially photoshopping Princess Charlotte’s face.

No, apparently it is not just you. If you look closely at the image zoomed in, you’ll notice that her shoulders and edge of her face are blurry:
First of all, the newest member of their family is only 7 months old, so more than likely, she cried through the whole thing, and this famous family just can’t have that. Second of all, WHO HAS THIS MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS TO NOTICE THESE THINGS? Whoever you are, I’d like your job. Which I assume is nothing.
So what do you think? Regardless, they’re all still perf and the world will keep on spinning.

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