10 Secret Santa Gifts For Under $20 That Will Make Everyone Jealous

secret santa gifts 2015


Secret Santa gift exchanges sound like fun ideas in theory, but when it finally comes time to purchase that gift, you’re probably cursing yourself for participating. As if buying for your whole family, boyfriend, and roommates wasn’t hard enough, now you get stuck with pulling that woman from your job that you literally never speak to for the Secret Santa. Not to mention that your bank account is anything but holly and jolly.
Fear not – we’ve got Secret Santa gift ideas to cover your broke bum that won’t result in a fake smile and pitiful “Oh, this is great!” response.

Generic gifts for girls usually end up with some¬†Bath and Body Works soap that remains unopened for six years before ultimately getting tossed, but that doesn’t have to be the case. (Seriously – nothing says “I had no clue what to get you” like moderately price bath gel.)¬†With some creativity, you can find awesome presents that will get a laugh from everyone at the party and may actually be of some use for the receiver.
For some ideas that you can buy online right away, check out the list below. Hope she’s a drinker…

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