See What Miss Universe Contestants Look Like Without Makeup

miss universe contestants without makeup

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s no secret that behind every pageant girl is a glam squad making sure every hair is in place and every eyelash is curled to perfection. In other words, she most definitely did not wake up like this. So what do these pageant beauties look like when they roll out of bed?
Daily Mail dug up some makeup-free selfies from 8 of the Miss Universe contestants just to prove that without a team of beauty professionals behind them, these ladies look a lot less like Fembots.

Check out the photos of Miss Universe contestants without makeup next to their incredible glam shots.

Unsurprisingly, these ladies still look amazing sans eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. In fact, Miss Peru and Miss Ghana look just as good without makeup as they do wearing the stuff! Now they look less like glamazons and more like that really, really popular girl in high school.
With all the controversy surrounding the Miss Universe pageants this year (see: Steve Harvey crowning the wrong winner, Miss Germany throwing shade at Miss Philippines post-pageant), it’s nice to know that at least these girls truly are lovely (at least physically *cough*Miss Germany*cough*).

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