Georgia Tech Students Won The Holidays By Surprising Their Favorite Security Guard With An Awesome Gift

georgia tech security guard gift
Every college has the figures on campus who everyone just loves. It may be a dining hall worker or cool professor, but they just make your day a little brighter every time you pass them. At Georgia Tech, that personality is security guard Marcus Burns.
“He is the most positive person, he brings so much energy to us every day,” said senior business student Conor Lange. “He knows most of the students by name and we realized how many people loved him.
Students from the Scheller College of Business decided to surprise Burns with a gift during the holiday season to thank him for making them constantly smile. They planned to pull together $100 to $200 to give to Burns, but to their surprise, they raised more than 10 times that amount in less than two days.
“We ended up in 36 hours, raising $1600,” said Lange.
When Lange gave Burns the gift, 150 students joined him.
“We got you a little present for the holidays,” said Lange. “It’s not about the money, it’s about how many people donated to show you how much we appreciate you every day.”
Watch the awesome reveal below.
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