Tornado Sweeps through Texas, Kills 11

Last night, a series of disastrous tornadoes hit Dallas, Texas, killing at least 11 people.
According to reports, Garland was hit the worst and had the most casualties (8 of the 11). Lt. Pedro Barineau of the Texas Police Department confirmed the deaths and said that at least 15 people have been injured and 600 buildings, homes and structures have been damaged.
Police have also confirmed that the other three deaths happened in Collin County.
The storms also caused  at least 50,000 power outages. The Associated Press revealed that there were even some occurrences of cars being blown into houses and, according to the New York Times, the tornado and storms sent cars tumbling off of highways. Eight of the deaths occurred between Interstate 30 and the President George Bush Turnpike.
Some pictures posted to Twitter show cars overturned on the highway.
Garland Police Public Information Officer Joe Harn said, “It’s still a very active scene, and I have not been out there. We’ve got additional injuries. I don’t have a number and I don’t have the seriousness of those injuries. We’ve got more rain coming in, so we’re trying to get as much done as we can before those rains come in.”
The NYT also reported that two people were found dead at a gas station, as well a baby girl in Blue Ridge.
A spokesman for the Collin County Sheriff’s department said that although there have no reports yet of missing persons, there are crews going door to door conducting checks.

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