The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex Actually Sucks For Most Of Us

best time of day to have sex


Are you a fan of the morning sex session while your partner would rather go all night long? Well, it turns out you’re both wrong.
The ideal time to jump in bed (or the couch…or your kitchen counter – we’re not judging) is 3 p.m. according to a new study by hormone expert Alisa Vitti. In the afternoon is when your body and your man’s, um, little man are most in tune with each other.
According to Daily Mail, “In the afternoon, women have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness, and are at their most energetic.” Meanwhile, “Around the same time, men have elevated levels of estrogen, making them ‘more emotionally present’ during sex.”
I guess someone knew what they were talking about when they wrote “Afternoon Delight.”
Of course, this is tragic news. Unless it suddenly becomes okay to drop everything at 2:45 in the afternoon so we can get it on, somebody is probably not in the mood. Faking a headache only works if it isn’t literally every night.
I guess that’s what the weekends are for. Make sure you pencil in an appointment with your latest booty call for 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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