How To Find Your Uber Rating (And Possibly Explain Why No Driver Wants To Pick You Up)

uber rating
Uber is practically the horse-drawn carriage of the 21st century. Maybe it’s slightly less romantic when you think about cramming six of your drunk friends into a stranger’s car, but hey, it gets the job done when your heels are too high to walk to the bar and you’d rather not bring a jacket.
Of course, one of the best parts about Uber is getting to report on your driver. It essentially ensures that he can’t be a major creep or rip you off by taking the long way. The flip side is that Uber drives also get to rate you…which may explain why your ride requests are being ignored by the five drivers in your area.
To find out what your Uber drivers think of you (and your not-so-flawless rendition of “Love Me Like You Do”), you just have to check your passenger rating. Here’s how.

How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating:

1. Open the Uber app.
2. Go to the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
3. Select “Help.”
4. Select “Account.”
5. Select “I’d Like To Know My Rating.”
6. Hit “Submit.”
7. Your rating should pop up on the screen.

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