Crazy Celebrity Baby Names: Full List Of Ridiculous & Worst Kids’ Names In Hollywood

north west kim kardashian worst celebrity baby names

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Actors, musicians, and reality stars are here to entertain us, but sometimes the antics in their personal lives are much more interesting. Case in point: every time a celeb couple announces they’re expecting, we can’t wait to see what they name their little one.

We’ve come to expect that the names given to celebrity kids are going to be interesting…because we have good reason to. Rarely do the sons and daughters of Hollywood’s elite end up with a boring “John” or “Sarah” in front of their famous last name. So these parents don’t want to give their wonderful, unique child a common name – we get that. But lately it seems like an unofficial contest has broken out for A-listers to give their children the most bizarre, absurd, and wild names.

The likelihood of there being two “Apples” in school is slim, but it’s going to get pretty awkward when Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter grows up to be an engineer at Samsung, Microsoft, and Google.

Check out some more of the strangest baby names in Hollywood, and maybe stick to something more tradition if you haven’t won an Oscar.

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