Teen Shot While “Ding Dong Ditching” In His Neighborhood


Cole Peyton Ding Dong Ditch Shooting


Cole Peyton, a 14-year-old from Pryor, Oklahoma, was shot in the back by his neighbor while playing the suburban-classic “ding dong ditch.” For those who were never bored enough to play the game, “ding dong ditch” is when you ring someone’s doorbell and run away before the person can answer it.

News On 6 reported that Peyton’s mother said that the boys rang the doorbell earlier in the night on New Year’s Day and were coming home when the boys walked past the house again. The neighbor they “ding dong ditched” ran into the front yard and shot at them. News On 6 also reported that Peyton was shot in the back, the arm and had his liver punctured by a bullet.

The neighbor claimed that it was a home invasion, but the police reported that the three boys did not try to break into the home.

I’m sorry, but what? Ringing the doorbell is a form of “home invasion?” If such is the case, I guess ringing the doorbell to let your friends know you’ve arrived is a crime. I guess the delivery man dropping off your packages is threatening your well-being. That is the most preposterous excuse I have ever heard.

Steven W. Lemmings, the Chief of Police, said that “the investigation suggests that the juveniles were engaged in neighborhood pranks.” These kinds of pranks are like a rite-of-passage for teenage boys. Nothing out of the regular occurred here. Nothing here necessitated the use of guns.

The shooter was not arrested and the district attorney is investigating whether the shooting was lawful.

I’m horrified that we even need to analyze this situation for whether the neighbor’s use of a gun was lawful. If every teenage kid was shot for a prank they did, I am sure that the population of the United States would be significantly smaller.

How many more people are going to be shot until this country wakes up and recognizes that we need better gun control laws? How can we sit by and watch as a teenage boy suffer from multiple gunshot wounds because he played a game that the shooter probably played himself when he was younger?

I suppose that when 20 children were shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School and nothing happened regarding gun control legislation, we should have known that there was no hope for the United States and its beloved guns.

It is crucial to mention that when the Founding Fathers gave us Americans our beloved Second Amendment, they were talking about muskets – not fully-automatic assault rifles.

This is truly a scary start to 2016 and I can only hope that this is the last we hear of gun violence this year.

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