10 Times Celebrities Lost It On Paparazzi

As a society, Americans tend to idolize celebrities and give them, whether deserved or not, God-like personas. We put them under a microscope, watching and often scrutinizing their every move.

Some people argue that stars shouldn’t complain about constantly being in the public eye. After all, they knew what they were getting into when they decided to pursue singing, acting or modeling, right? Never mind the fact that they may just be passionate (and often really talented) and their jobs and the fame was just a result.

When celebrities complain about never having privacy, there are plenty of people who rolls their eyes and say things like, “This is what they signed up for.”

But the truth is, unless you have been in their shoes, and know what it is like to have your personal, naked pictures leaked across the internet, or not be able to go grocery shopping in sweat pants without your makeup-less face being splashed across tabloid covers, or worry about your safety as you try to drive away from a restaurant and are bombarded by masses of people trying to peek inside your car and continuous lights flashing in your face—you really aren’t in any position to pass judgment.

Keep in mind that even the death of Princess Diana is attributed to paparazzi aggression. Also, consider the fact that it’s not always just cameras clicking and flashing away that irritate these stars, but the vulgar and insulting things shouted at them by photographers hoping to get a reaction out of them. Some of which have been successful (see below).

There have been plenty of stars who, instead of simply sitting back and letting the attention consume them or make them miserable, have actually taken matters into their own hands.

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