British Dudes Are Using Their Accents To Get Laid In College Towns Throughout The US

It’s pretty much a known fact that Americans love a good British accent, which is why these young men pictured above are taking this little piece of information and running with it. Er, banging with it?

That’s right, these scumbags geniuses recognized a need for “better” men in Bubmblefuck, USA and traveled thousands of miles across the pond to bump uglies with thirsty sorority girls.

Carl: It’s that pull. That pull of being foreign, of being English, that’s a big pull here.
Chris: Right. Like, Alabama is the best place!
William: A British accent is nothing [in San Diego,] but middle America? It’s the best tool in the world.

I mean, I can’t say they don’t have a point. British accents are sexy AF, and these guys are already hot. Combined, it’s enough to make American girls swoon. Or drop their pants. Or both, apparently.

Chris said, “Well we have a joke that girls in like, middle America are just like, ‘Help, help!’ about the men here. You go to West Virginia to any bar and see what you’re up against,” a.k.a “backwards cap, sneakers” and “hunting jackets.” Not much competition, according to these blokes.

Although they admitted to seeing Love Actually, a movie with a strikingly similar plot, they (apparently) didn’t steal the idea, though I have a hard time believing that.

Regardless, they don’t feel guilty about their lifestyle or that they lie on occasion about their names or occupations to bone, and one even managed to have a girlfriend…for a time.

“When I went to Athens, Georgia. I was really good! I behaved, ” Chris said. Wow, so noble of you. He continued, “After we broke up, I went on spring break in Panama City. Nine girls. Five days.”

Moral of the story? Be British and start talking. About anything. Literally anything. And then come find me.

To read the full Vice interview, click here.

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