5 Easy Ways To Drop 5 Pounds (Without Giving Up Pizza)

Like most girls out there, I’m hoping 2016 will be the year of my best body ever. Not just because the of whole New Year’s resolution thing, but also because 2016 is the year I’ll become a wife (eek!) and I want to look fierce for the big day.

But make no mistake: I sure as heck am not giving up my pizza habit. #YOLO, right? I have only have 80 or so years on this Earth, I want to enjoy as many cheesy carbs as I can.

Whether your goal is to drop a couple pounds, tone up those muscles, or simply start treating your body a bit better, don’t feel like you need to resort to deprivation. There are some super easy, painless changes you can make that will totally boost your overall health. These are five of my faves.


1. Beef up your breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ‘they’ have a point. If you eat a bit more in the morning, you’re not ravenous the rest of the day and you end up making better choices. Focus on getting more protein in (eggs, yogurt and quinoa are breakfast powerhouses and bacon is totally cool too) and watch how much easier it is to control your portion sizes and energy levels later in the day.


2. Keep your dinner super clean

If you love eatingĀ indulgent dinners, try switching things around a bit. Eat your carbs earlier inĀ the day and keep dinner more clean and protein-heavy if possible. Even if you only do this a few times a week, you’ll likely see a difference. And if you’re out to dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant? Throw this advice out the window and eat the damn pasta.


3. Cut the sugar out of your coffee

Swap out your mocha habit for unsweetened lattes or try drinking your coffee black. It seems like a tiny change but it can make a HUGE difference to your body. And trust me: You’ll adjust to this change in no time.


4. Choose smarter toppings

Eat that pizza, but maybe top it off with as many veggies as possible? It’s still pretty delish, honestly. Do the same with your sandwiches, pasta, burgers….you know, everything. Just add veggies and/or protein whenever possible.


5. Always have fruit on hand

Keep fruit at home at all times – that way when you get those mid afternoon hunger pangs, you reach for an apple instead of a bag of chips. Easy peasy.

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