Actress Reviews High School Dates On Yelp, But Yelp Is Not Exactly Thrilled About It

natalie walker yelp-date reviews

Natalie Walker/Twitter/ Instagram

I’m totally guilty of checking out Yelp reviews for everything from the dentist to where to grab lunch. The information is invaluable, but most people don’t get creativity points. Okay, so the salad is small and the waiter is rude, but can you spice it up just a tad?

Adding entertainment value to Yelp reviews is Natalie Walker. Instead of complaining about the air conditioning being broken or a terrible haircut, the actress decided to review former dates at movie theaters, Broadway shows, and restaurants. Her rants with ex-boyfriends and weird hook ups are enough to make us laugh out loud…and maybe avoid the Regal Cinemas Union Square 14 in New York City.

Check out the reviews, from 1-star to the big 5, below.

Unfortunately, the peeps at Yelp didn’t find Natalie’s reviews as entertaining as the rest of us and pulled them down. Apparently a 5-star review of your date with a gay guy has nothing to do with the establishment?

Fear not – Natalie’s been flooded with offers for dates just so she can review them afterwards. Let’s hope she follows through…or starts up a website for the sole purpose of reviewing dates? That we can totally get behind.

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