Justin Bieber’s Nanny Is A Sorority Girl Who Definitely Makes Way More Babysitting Than You

Taylor Ross/Instagram

I babysat a lot in college. Let’s be honest – I made way more money than I would have at some campus job for doing much less work. Any job where I get paid for coloring and watching Frozen on repeat is fine by me. Of course, that money went straight to booze…I mean books. For studying. At college.

Maybe I thought I had a good gig back in the day, but my nanny duties have nothing on Taylor Ross, the nanny for the Bieber family – yes, as in Justin Bieber.

While you’re raiding the kitchen cabinets for Cheez-Its, Taylor Ross is spending the holidays on a tropical beach hanging with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (and presumably Bieber’s kid half-siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon who we assume she is babysitting, though Biebs would likely benefit from 24/7 hour surveillance).

Ross is a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority at Western Ontario University, but she’s getting tons of attention not just for her association with her famous employer but her Barbie doll looks. Seriously – it looks like the Bieber fam found her from a modeling index rather than Care.com. Not surprisingly, the blonde hair, bright-eyed beauty’s beach pictures are getting likes from more than just her sorority sisters.

And given Justin Bieber’s net worth, we can assume she’s not just hotter than you – she’s making way more money.

Check out photos of Taylor on vacation with the Biebs and enjoying college life below.

Your babysitting gig seems a bit less fabulous now, right?

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