Miami’s Delta Gamma Put Out A Recruitment Video That Looks More Like A J. Lo Video & People Hate It


With spring recruitment season right around the corner, there’s no doubt every sorority chapter in America is hard at work putting together a fun montage of their lives in hopes of getting the best new members. In an effort to stand out among the rest, the sisters of Delta Gamma at the University of Miami went above and beyond by enlisting the help of media company to capture them hanging out on yachts and water skiing. (You know, typical sorority things.)

The results? A recruitment video that looks more like a Jennifer Lopez video than a bunch of college girls looking for new members.

According to Miami New Times, “The women enlisted the help of Artec Media, which not only shot the sisters partying on two separate boats and just about every body of water in southern Miami-Dade County, but also provided an original song with vocals by The Voice contestant Joselyn Rivera.”
Similarly to the University Of Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video that circulated around the web in August, people are bashing the DG’s sun.

One Facebook commenter wrote, “Just another Girls Gone Wild video in my book. I think you can actually see the campus for a few seconds, midway through this.”

Another said, “Ha! I love this video! It shows the absurdity of Reality Shows effecting the next generation.”

Watch Delta Gamma’s full video below.


I guess people can’t handle girls having some fun. If they choose to spend their money shooting a music video that could make TRL get back on the air within minutes, that’s up to them. Any potential new members – who, let’s remember, this video is actually meant for – who find it too extravagant won’t accept a bid to Delta Gamma and that will be that.

As a sorority girl myself, I can promise you that shooting these kinds of things can be a long, boring experience. These ladies obviously invested a ton of time into their recruitment video, and for them to be having such a good time together says a lot.

Is it over the top? Totally.

Do I want a bid? Yup.

And before you go criticizing them, make sure you watch their video highlighting their philanthropy work with Service For Sight.

It’s not all yachts and bikinis.


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