Justin Bieber Drunkenly Tried To Climb Mayan Ruins Without Pants On Because He’s Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber apparently really hates clothes. First he bared his bum on Instagram. Then all those photos of the singer skinny dipping on vacation surfaced. Now, reports say the Biebs was kicked out of a Mexican archaeological site yesterday after trying to climb Mayan ruins…drunk…and without pants.

The Daily Mail reports that after being denied entry to the ancient Mayan fortress of Tulum for bringing along some beer, Biebs and his companions ditched the booze and entered anyway.

Inside the site, the clearly intoxicated 21 year old then attempted to climb one of the off-limits ruins. Given that this would be frowned upon at any and all times, matters were made worse by the fact that Bieber wasn’t wearing pants or underwear.

It doesn’t stop there. Then the singer threatened and insulted National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) security members, causing police to be called to the scene. Bieber and crew left after his bodyguards and INAH security butted (pun intended) heads for about 15 minutes.

Insert your own “Sorry” joke here.

While Biebs is no stranger to trouble with the law, we’d recommend not getting arrested in Mexico. But that’s just us. Bieber obviously thinks he’s invisible (or taking an Instagram photo is a great excuse to climb ancient ruins).

Biebs shared this photo on Instagram yesterday with no caption.

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