WATCH: This Tech Company’s Ad Is The Creepiest One You’ll Ever See

What better way to promote your product than to have a guy go around chasing girls for a smooch? No…just no.

A Japanese company known as Logbar introduced The Ili, a wearable translator without the use of mobile data or Wi-Fi , at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this week. While the translator may sound really cool with the ability to translate over 10,000 words and phrases in English, Japanese, and Chinese, the marketing isn’t really going in the right direction.

Ili’s first advertisement, entitled Kisses In Tokyo (which sounds more like a sappy romance novel rather than a clever name for an ad), features a British man using the device to try and convince Japanese women to kiss him. In the process, some of the women are in shock, while others try to run away from him. In other words, the man is clearly using the device to sexually harass women.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a foreign country. Sexual harassment is still wrong. Exploiting it through this video isn’t going to help your product but rather hurt it.

Logbar has taken a lot of heat for the advertisement on social media, especially when the video was posted to GaijinPot‘s Facebook page and when the video was posted on Youtube, which you can watch below.


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