WATCH: You’ll Never Complain About Your Ex Again After You See What This Girl Does To Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car


We’ve all heard stories about – or experienced firsthand – a crazy ex. You know – that girl who wrote a ridiculous rant on Facebook every other day that is not-so-subtlely about her breakup or the guy who texts every hour of the night despite breaking up two months ago.

All those people have nothing on Terry.

From the safety of inside a house, one man found out the hard way that his ex-girlfriend was really pissed. We’re not sure what exactly happened between the two of them, but we know there have been problems in the past. Whatever happened, it left this guy with a broken house window, totaled car bumper, and a near death.

Terry showed up to cause trouble, first breaking a window and keying the man’s car. When he was inspecting the damage, she nearly drove her SUV into him, but he moved just in time for her to plow into his bumper. She wasn’t done there – Terry also smashed in windows on the car.

Looks like someone took a certain Carrie Underwood song to heart.

See the entire incident caught on tape below.


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