Billionaire Mark Cuban Gives Lame AF Tips To Whoever Wins The $1.4 Billion Powerball

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about a little something called Powerball. The world is freaking out about the possibility of becoming an instant billionaire, though the chances are slim. Like, so slim. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning and getting in a plane crash in one lifetime. Okay, I just made that up, but when your chances are like 1 in 300 million, I’m probably right.

Anyway, billionaire Mark Cuban from ABC’s Shark Tank- who earned his money through hard work and not luck- is sharing his wisdom to whoever the lucky winner will be. What a guy. Unfortunately, his two cents is pretty self-explanatory in my opinion, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

1. Hire a tax attorney.

AKA- Duh, a shit ton of taxes will be taken out of your winnings. Okay next.

2. Don’t take the lump sum- you don’t want to blow it all in one spot. Take care of your bills first.

AKA- Don’t be an idiot. Got it.

3. Tell all your friends and relatives ‘no.’ They will ask. Tell them no. Anyone who asks is not your friend.

AKA- With over $1 billion, you can’t even send your parents on a damn vacation. Ouch.

4. You don’t become a smart investor when you win the lottery. Don’t make investments. You can put it in the bank and live comfortably. Forever.

AKA- With that much money, why take another gamble? Don’t be greedy.

TBH, I’d rather learn how to become a billionaire on my own. Got any words of wisdom on that, Mark?! I’m all about earning my future; I like to think I have better odds at that. 😎

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