10 Celebrity Pairs That You Won’t Believe Are The Same Age

Jennifer lawrence sarah hyland same age

Age is a funny thing. Growing up, everyone assumed I was much older than I really was because I was tall. In middle school, it probably looked more like I was babysitting my friends than just going to the movies with them.

Hollywood, where everyone strives to look as young as possible, totally forgets about age when casting. It’s all about looks. That’s why there were 30-somethings playing high schoolers on Glee and Jennifer Lawrence plays a mom or wife in almost every award-winning performance she’s in.

But J. Law is only 25. That’s the same age as Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, but since we know her as a college kid on the sitcom, it’s hard to believe that these two starlets are the same age in real life. Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, and Liam Hemsworth are all also in the 25 club, but you’d probably never imagine them in the same middle school class photo, huh?

Check out some more of the surprising celeb pairings who are the same age, but don’t look anything like it.

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