This Man’s Car Became Completely Frozen After Leaving It Out Overnight

frozen car buffalo ny

Lesson learned: Don’t leave your car parked near Lake Erie. Or any Great Lake for that matter.

Coming from a college up in Central New York, winters can be a pain in the butt. But if you go more towards the western part of the state (I’m talking to you, Buffalo), it’s a whole different ball game.

Just ask 24-year-old Justin Yelen, who admitted on Monday he was the owner of the “ice car” that’s been blowing up all over social media. Yelen explained to WKBW he left the car overnight in Hamburg, NY (just 10 minutes outside of Buffalo) because he was having drinks with his friends and didn’t want to drive home. When came back for it the next day, he was in for a huge surprise.

The combination of freezing temperatures, high winds up to 47 miles per hour, and water from the lake turned the Yelen’s Sedan into an ice sculpture. More ice appeared on one side than the other because of the wind’s direction.

“I hope summer comes soon,” Yelen told WKBW. In the meantime, Yelen has been getting rides from his parents.

We hope summer rolls around soon too, Justin. But, it’s only the beginning of this winter.

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